B2B And B2C Types Of E-Commerce Are Not The Same

There are several types of e-commerce, but B2B and B2C are some of the most popular types these days. We will share with you some information about them. Meanwhile, before we continue, if you also want to make sure that your online store’s page can be accessed by your customers who use their mobile devices quickly, we suggest you try the Fastest Mobile Shopify Theme.

Here is the information regarding B2B and B2C e-commerces:

This type of e-commerce is the largest because it covers transactions between companies or types of businesses. This type of B2B business is conducted by people or parties who have an interest in running a business, where both know each other and know the business processes that they do.

Usually, B2B types are carried out on an ongoing basis because both parties benefit from each other and there is mutual trust.

One easy example is if your business becomes a producer of synthetic leather raw materials for the business of making bags and shoes.

Type B2B provides a large volume of needs for goods and services so that the perpetrators require a lot of costs to run a business. Also, of course, the risk is also quite large.

Therefore, B2B business people usually use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and e-mail in the transaction process, providing information and consultation relating to the goods or services offered.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a structured data transfer process, in an agreed standard format, from one computer system to another.

On the other hand, Business-to-Consumers (B2C) are the most common types of e-commerce businesses and are best known to the public. If B2B markets goods and services to other companies, B2C is a transaction process carried out between producers of goods or services directly to end consumers.

Business-to-Consumers are like retail stores that have retail products to sell and warehouses to stock goods. What distinguishes it from ordinary retail stores is that the transaction process is done online.

B2C is easier and more dynamic so it can develop very quickly. The ease of building websites makes a lot of virtual stores spread across cyberspace.

This is what causes competition in this type of e-commerce business is very tight and tends to be uneven. However, when compared to ordinary retail stores, B2C provides more information.

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