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This Is How To Clean And Maintain Your Sofa Everyday

Regularly cleaning the sofa little by little makes the task of caring for the sofa becomes lighter because it reduces the time you need to clean it intensively. Apart from that, you might want to call Sears Clean Boston if you don’t have the time to clean your sofa yourself.

Here are tips for preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on your couch:

Clean up any stains on the surface of the sofa as quickly as possible. Newly formed stains are easier to remove than old stains that have dried and seeped into the fabric couch.

Vacuum the couches and chairs at least once a week. The dust that is left piling up, will eventually become soil after mixing with the humidity so that the color of your sofa turns darker and duller.

If there are parts of the sofa or chair that can be removed, wash it regularly. Put back the sofa wrapping cloth and sofa cushions while still slightly damp so that after dry, the fabric will return to follow the shape of the sofa.

When cleaning the couch, don’t make it too wet, use a liquid detergent mixed with a little water and test in a small hidden area first. Wet wipes are a practical solution for absorbing liquid spills or removing stains without making your couch too wet. If possible, leave the couch You dry naturally.

You can buy fabric sofa cleaners from home supply stores or supermarkets. In addition to ready-made products, you can also take advantage of the following ingredients which give no less clean results compared to ready-made products.

Soft liquid detergent. Mix a little detergent with warm water, stir well to produce an abundance of foam.

Vinegar. This material can be a liquid cleaning cloth sofa that is suitable for removing stains on the wrapping cloth. After using vinegar, rinse the surface of the sofa intensively with soapy water. Open the window or turn on the fan to reduce the intensity of the strong vinegar odor.

Wet wipes you can use to wipe the dirty sofa cover. Its soft content will not damage the sofa cover. While the texture is quite dry does not risk making the sofa couch too wet.