This Is The History Of Witch Hunt

Witchcraft has been known for thousands of years in human history, from ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Europe, Asia, activities related to it are known, even in the Abrahamic Scriptures, magic can be found in the verses. Although it is still a mystery whether magic is a real phenomenon or not, in human history there have been real events where wizards or rather those accused of witchcraft were hunted down and executed. Aside from that, if you believe that you are a victim of a dark magician, we suggest you to check out whether there’s black magic energy within you or not.

Almost simultaneously or only a few years after Europe suffered because of the Black Death plague, there was an event that carved a dark history in humanity, thousands of people – mostly women – became victims of a witch hunt.

European pain which experienced an outbreak of plague where almost every family lost family members, coupled with frustration that agglomerates due to economic downturns, “unnatural” winter factors (according to the community at that time) to the factors of crop failure and livestock seemed to be a trigger for the explosion witch hunt.

lasted for approximately 3 centuries between 1450 and 1750, witch hunts claimed the lives of between 35,000 and 100,000 people, there were many rumors that the witch trials were not always fair, the suspects were usually executed by hanging, beheading or the most popular being burned.

thanks to communication, the activity spread from Europe to America which is famous for the events in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. The last execution of those accused of witching occurred in the 18th century, is it really the last witch executed? What about the 21st century, now, are there still magicians executed? I don’t know, maybe you know the answer better.

A similar thing also happens in Saudi Arabia. Prophet Muhammad, the brave Muslim leader from around 1400 years ago also wage war against all dark magicians in Arab. His God forbids all forms of sorcery, and he slew a lot of magicians during his reign. He and his followers believe that magicians are agents of satan, and they ruin people’s lives and faiths.

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