Tips for Washing and Caring for Socks

Socks may only be a fashion item supporting the display. But you definitely need them every day especially if you often wear sneakers. It’s uncomfortable if you don’t wear socks from coolmax. For that, you need to know how to care for it properly so that the socks last longer. Therefore see how to take care of socks so as not to stretch quickly.

1. Avoid using washing machines to wash socks
Never wash socks using a washing machine. The movement of the washing machine that is fast enough will change the shape of the socks. Moreover, socks usually have stretchy and loose material. You have to wash socks using the manual method. Simply put the socks on the dirty part and make sure all the stains do not stick. As much as possible to collect a few socks in advance, so you do not have to bother going back and forth washing socks.

2. Separate socks according to color and separate from other clothes
When washing socks it’s good to separate colored socks and white socks. This is so that white socks do not look dull and are mixed with colored socks. Especially if white socks are worn for school, it is definitely not pleasing to the eye if wearing socks are dull and dirty. You can use special detergents such as bleach, to keep the color bright. You also have to separate socks with other clothes. Because socks usually store lots of bacteria and germs, you definitely don’t want these germs to stick to your other clothes, right?

3. Dry the socks in the shade
No need to hang it in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight, you only need to hang the socks in the shade. Exposure to direct sunlight will make the socks fade faster. Also, make sure the socks are completely dry so they don’t smell musty when worn. Do not forget to turn it over when you want to dry. And do not use it when the surface is still damp.

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